Early Intervention


Children do not come with instruction manuals, and in the case of children with disabilities, the learning curve can be steep. Collaboratively with the family, our Early Intervention team can help families navigate the complex maze of services in order to achieve their goals.

Who We Are

Early Intervention

We are a group of highly qualified developmental specialists, with a belief in the power of learning that drives our work.   We have a strong belief that every child is capable of learning and progressing regardless of any challenges they may face. 


Your Early Interventionist monitors the child's development through developmental assessments, family training sessions, and coordinating and collaborating with the child's therapists.  


We help your family incorporate different activities and strategies into your child's everyday routine to help them reach developmental milestones.    We continue to seek out the latest research to inform us in our work assisting families and children. 

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Potential Services

  • Referrals to therapy

  • Link to doctors or specialists

  • Link to community/support groups

  • Coordinate with childcare facilities

  • Monitor development milestones

  • Create individualized plans

  • Adapt daily routines

  • Transition services into public school

  • Participate in IEP meetings

These services are highly individualized to each child’s needs and the needs of the family.  We work in homes and childcare center – where ever the child thrives!

We work with individuals who have:

  • Autism 

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Developmental delays

  • Genetic conditions

  • Prematurity/failure to thrive

  • Gross motor delays

  • Sensory impairments

Contact Us

Mason Duffy

Director of Family Support Services