Therapeutic Summer Camp

Who We Are

Our Therapeutic Summer Camp provides physical, social and cultural enrichment for 50 children aged 3-21, with multiple, severe disabilities, and is the only therapeutic summer camp available to our population in the Low Country.


Our Summer Camp, open to both PACE and non-PACE attendees, challenges participants with extensive physical activity, while at the same time providing necessary individual physical, occupational and speech therapy as identified through a pre-camp evaluation. The impact of our camp is to build substantial and demonstrable life skills and social development of our population.

Community-Based Initiatives

Successfully navigating a power wheelchair around obstacles at the Aquarium, scanning groceries at Publix, or using a communication device to order lunch at a local restaurant, our Community-Based Initiatives let our children practice newly-developed independent living skills in the Charleston community.


By exposing our community to the capabilities and character of our population, we believe we improve the sensitivity and competency of our fellow Charleston citizens. 

For Parents

Caring for children with disabilities is challenging and complex, and at time, overwhelming. Our Summer Camp helps to support working parents during the summer months, allowing  them to remain in the workforce.

Pattison's Academy 2019 Therapeutic Summer Camp

Our campers "Came Out to Play" in 2019!

Take a look at their adventures...






June 29 - July 24 | 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Children ages 3-21 who have multiple/severe disabilities and meet requirements after evaluation 

721 Wappoo Road Charleston, SC 29407


Interested in our 2020 Therapeutic Summer Camp?

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*All applications must be submitted by March 20, 2020
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Job Openings

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  • Are you interested in or have experience working with children with special needs?

  • Do you value providing children with enriching summer opportunities?

  • Are you looking for a fun-filled summer job?

  • Send your resume to Ms. Becky, Camp Director, for consideration as a 2020 Summer Camp Counselor/Intern or Group Leader. 

  • Email resume to: